Hvad er en vandromaskine

- 2021-08-18-

Detvandromaskine is a fitness experience that simulates the rowing experience with water as resistance. Rowing machines have been in use since the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, people have invented and produced many kinds of sports equipment technologies to improve the original models, which did not do a good job in simulating rowing motion. A person without a shirt is the basic and most common structure of a vandromaskine or any kind of rowing machine, including a seat that is connected to a track on which it can move back and forth. There is a device called a flywheel in front of the seat. Detflywheel is the part of the machine that generates the resistance needed to perform the movement. Detresistance generated by the flywheel is used to simulate the experience of paddling across the water during rowing. There is a chain on the flywheel, and the end of the chain is a handle. Exercises performed on the vandromaskine include fluid movement from a position where the knees are bent, the body is close to the flywheel, the arms are stretched straight to a position in the direction of the flywheel, the legs are straight, the body is pulled back, the body is away from the flywheel, and the arm pulls the handle Near the chest. It is the resistance in the flywheel that produces the exercise intensity and affects the arms and upper body. If done well, this exercise is a good whole-body exercise. Detindoor rowing machine model uses piston resistance, magnetic resistance and air resistance. There are also machine flywheels that use water as the main form of resistance. They are filled with water. There is a paddle inside that rotates through the movement during exercise. Many rowing machines have an upright flywheel, the flywheel of a vandromaskine. It is usually placed flat in front of the machine. When rowing on the water, the faster the speed, the greater the resistance. This makes the vandromaskine different from other rowing machines, including the setting of increasing or decreasing the resistance level.